Brad Ruoho

Brad has been in the toy industry for seven years and an ASTRA member for five years. His passion for toys started long before that. Brad is a born entrepreneur with a child-like heart - from the age of 18, he has started and successfully grown numerous businesses. He sold all of them to focus on the toy industry, recognizing the deeper meaning and quality of life it provides.

In 2012, Brad started his first toy store, Legacy Toys, in Ely, MN. He wanted to fill the void the local toy store left upon closing in their small town. Since then, he has grown Legacy Toys to multiple stores in the upper midwest.   In addition, he has launched Legacy Bound, a children's book publishing company, and Great Playthings, a game development and publishing company.

Brad also is a partner of Sun in My Heart, a non-profit company that builds homes, schools and orphanages around the world. All of these companies have the same mission: "Making the world a better place for our children; the greatest Legacy we can leave."