Sandra Malott

As a twenty-year veteran of the toy industry, Sandra has been fortunate to hold a variety of roles on both the vendor and sales rep side. She started her career helping establish a Canadian toy distribution company that represented iconic lines like Cranium, Small World Toys, and Fashion Angles.

In 2018, Sandra decided to focus on what has always been the favorite part of her career working directly with retailers to help them grow their businesses. She launched her own company, Dog & Pony Sales LLC, focusing on working with vendors looking to get into the Canadian market where she stall has a number of relationships with retailers like Indigo, Mastermind, and Toys R Us Canada. Sandra also joined Diverse Marketing in July 2021 as the Wisconsin territory rep. When Sandra isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her wife, Beth, 2 dogs, Tillie and Fergus, and 2 horses, Bob and Armani.